How to Get the Most Out of Future Self Journaling

I’ve been doing active work to create a new version of myself for years now. I’ve practiced so many different techniques to condition my mind and heal my body. One of the most powerful tools I found in my own life is what I call “future self journaling.” After I saw the shifts it created […]

5 Steps to Intention Setting

Intention setting is a life changing practice. Becoming intentional is to become “on purpose.” By setting intentions, you start to become more aware of thought and behavior patterns each day. Eventually, the pathways of the brain shift and throughout the day you will see your intentions manifest. The more energy you put towards your intentions, […]

Manifest How To

Manifestation is the process of actively bringing the things we want into our lives. It’s a simple process that is available to anyone. It just takes some practice to shift your mindset into becoming a creator rather than a passive receiver of life. One you understand the power of manifestation, and begin to see the […]

Let Your Triggers Be Your Teacher

Triggers make us human. They happen to us at work, in relationships, and in interactions with complete strangers. A trigger is an unhealed emotional wound. The level of emotions you experience gives you insight in to how long the trigger has gone suppressed. It’s not that triggers are bad, they actually give us an opportunity […]

How to Break an Emotional Addiction

We’re taught to feel and accept our emotions, but what about when your emotions actually become an addiction? This concept is pretty foreign in the system of psychology which is based around the analyzation of emotions. When I practiced traditional psychotherapy, I began to notice how many of my clients were feeling emotions repetitively. Most […]